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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

GSP update. Plus special brownies

Well it seems it doesn't keep your IP or anything as the source of the click. It might work, but didn't work for me. I am disappoint. :(

On another note, I went to the gas station down the road and found that they sell "special brownies" I was like huh.

They're freaking five dollars, talk about expensive (since I can make my own "special brownies" for far less per batch.)

Anyways, these brownies are super amazing.

I might post a pic with them or I might not.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gratis Spotify Premium? 20 visits=60 day WoW card?!

There is this site where you get people to click the link and you get points. The points then add up to where you can supposedly get things for those clicks. For example there are 60 day WoW cards and Minecraft accounts and all of that.

I don't know how legit it is, but I'm going to test it and tell you guys the results!

Here's the link

I only need 20 to get a 60 WoW card, which would be pretty sweet I guess. I just would like to test this out to help out my fellow bloggers and followers.

 I'll be Patient, but I'd like to see if this works as soon as possible!

Thanks! Peace & Love-Me

Libya Ignorance Update 3

It's a shame the US and everyone else has to put their nose in everybody's business. Yesterday Obama stated the only reason the US stepped in was to keep Gaddafi from slaughtering his own people.

Sure that makes since, in a humanitarian way, but that's none of the US's concern. That's what the people chose to do when they decided to launch a rebellion.

Take for instance the American Revolution, yes you can say the Americans were doing what they saw was right, and that's fine and dandy I'm not against the Libyan rebels causes, let the do what they want. My point comes in when you calculate the British. The British were running an empire does that make them cruel? One could say they were ran by a madman, anyone who uses a Monarchy is freaking idiot...

Also lets take this a little deeper. Has anyone actually checked the price tag that all of this conflict is adding up? Ask Gaddafi, do you want to feed the hungry? HELLO this is in AFRICA strickened with hunger and disease. I'm sure instead of focusing on governmental and political issues for "humanitarian reasons" ie- killing rebels who are (in a sense) hiding amongst innocent civis.

This reminds me of Mutual Assured Destruction, which is stupid! If I attack you with nuclear weapons. You can still retaliate and destroy your attacker.

Hey how come a bunch of countries, that are across the world, are meeting in London to talk about Libya's future? We, as in EVERYBODY are individual, sovereign nation-states we are NOT in any case a united world.

Let these people fight it out on their own terms and we'll see who wins.

Monday, March 28, 2011

I came... across a song!

Well I watched this video a while back, but I didn't write it down and it kinda disappeared in my Bi-winning mind.

So here you go! I enjoyed it, you should too! and if you don't I really don't care.