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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hey guess what.

The rapture didn't happen. Possibly in a parallel universe though. Oh well, I don't believe in that shit anyways.

Guess what happened last night? Lots of fun is what happened last night and possibly tonight and preferably the next night. Apparently I kicked so much ass on the Michael Jackson Just Dance, hell if I remember, but it's recorded so there is proof.

Life is starting to get a little stressful. I can party at three different places with three different friends. They are not mutual friends with each other... so one hates one etc. So this can be a difficult decision I just have yet to decide.

Just keeping up with my post a day, I hate getting lazy and missing a few posts. I tend to be in a awful mood, which is why I don't post anything and then I get mad because I didn't post anything! It's a never ending story.

Well enjoy your day fellow bloggers, followers, and otherpeople-ers *just to make it rhyme.

Friday, May 20, 2011

I've waited so long

Yes! I'm finished with all my finals, and passed all my classes. I was the second highest grade in two of my classes, yea that's right you're jello. I'm extremely smart I guess. At least in Biology and History.

I haven't had much sleep these past few days :( I stayed up writing a paper one day and I had to get up at like 4:45 today so I could get ready and get to class on time!

Did you hear about the upcoming apocalypse? I bet you have, for those who haven't basically a group of stupid religious fanatic retards, who are more naive than I am, believe that God is going to take his children how sweet... and let the dead rise. All sorts of bull, hell I should have wrote the apocalypse I could have came up with better shit. Anywho people are now worried about zombies and shit, how stupid right? Don't get me wrong, zombies would be the shit but that shit isn't going to happen, nothing's impossible but it's unlikely.


Gas is expensive. I live in a place where it's like $3.75/gallon, which is NOTHING compared to other places I've been but since I live so goddamn far away from everything, its freaking 30 miles away from civilization so that's a 60 mile round trip every time. Along with all the running around I do it takes a toll at the pump. I'm tired of giving my money to gas stations. 

Gas isn't gonna go back down, ever. And when it comes to saving money just stay home... WELL I've got a shit ton of plans for the summer which are mainly extreme outdoorsy shit such as biking, rafting, canoeing and anything else I can jump into. All I wanna do is have fun and that's what I'm going to do and all of this is going to cost some grass (money not weed)  just to transport myself and others to locations in which we can do outdoorsy shit.

But enough of that now it's time to party it up! This weekend best be sick. It sorta sucks... I have to wait like 12 hours before any hardcore shit goes down. :*( Oh well at least I'll have something to do, I'm happy.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Final and a Paper

I have my political science class in a few hours. It sucks mainly due to the fact that one, I don't study and two my professor went nazi on me on my research paper last week. Now I had to write a whole other paper, which I did last night (this morning) till about 4. All I've got to do now is make all my stupid citations and put them where they belong, easy enough.

My professor is a forgetful person so I really hope he remembers when he told me to revise and bring it in on the 19th (today). I have a pretty awesome memory, at times. Okay no I don't but I would bet my life that he said turn this shit in today.

Wish me luck on my final, I'm probably gonna need it because if I fail either of these, I fail the class. That's stupid right?? I've gotten all A's through this entire semester, before this paper deal I was like one of the top three in the class. Now I'm sitting at a D with no paper turned in, even though his ass should have just dealt with the fact that I was missing 1 citation and a few other very minor things. He coulda gave me a C or some shit if it really hurt his feelings. It's quite sad when someone, such as myself, can get a 93% on my research paper on the support of legalizing Marijuana but gets apparently "not enough points" to even get a passing grade on my research paper on the GOP.

We've had about four other exams and daily presentations. I passed all of them with flying colors, NOTHING below an A. Sad right? yea that's sad indeed.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Love scandel and a love child OH NOES!

Apparently the governator has an illegitimate child to his maid that he's kept under wraps for years.


I love Ice cream, it's especially delicious. Soft served is pretty awesome too. I like all the flavors. Mint chocolate chip... yum. OH and frozen yogurt is extremely delicious. 
"On May 16, 2011, the Los Angeles Times revealed that Schwarzenegger had fathered a son in 1997 with an employee in his household, Mildred 'Patty' Baena."

This is quite interesting! Not, I could care less about other peoples personal issues. especially when it comes to their love life, I could have gave two shits about Clinton's little thing, cause that's none of our business.

I should really keep up with the news, since apparently everyone else knew about this. But what upsets me more is that the news published this and subsequently ended Arnold's marriage with his wife. Now his non-illegitimate children will have two Christmas's and still all the money they could ever want, or need.

At least I know what the babies first words were. "I'll be back" or at least his sperm.

You can see the resemblance in the picture below, but come on Arnold you could have done better! :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


You know what?

Having a waiter, or server serve you is pretty awesome. It's nice to see that someones job is to be a slave to my every whim. It's alright if they drop by and see if everything is going good, but this can get excessive. Especially when some slaves (servers) are trying to out due their co-slaves (co-workers) and bother you even though you're not my slave! then another slave comes by. then my slave. then the big old school pimp has to walk around making sure that the hoes are doin' work.

So I hate it when waiters are constantly bothering you while you're eating at a restaurant trying to have a conversation and every 6 minutes they stroll by IS EVERYTHING OKAY!? >:( NO BITCH YOU'RE RUINING THE EVENING. Don't ask if I want a refill just refill it. End of discussion.

Monday, May 16, 2011


I had a dream last night.

Some would classify it as a nightmare, but confronting my fears isn't such a bad thing. For the past three nights I've been having interesting dreams. Along with interesting dreams, I seem to have this curse. I'm not a huge believer of the paranormal or anything like that, but for a few years now I've had the habit of like looking at the clock exactly at 11:34 or 3:00 at night. For those of you who are confused, 11:34 turned upside down spells hell and 3 is like demon hour of some shit. It happens all the time. I tend not thing think about it until after it happens but it happens everyday. I think all that stuff is BULLSHIT why is it happening to me?!

Anyways here are my dreams:

The first night, which would be three days ago, would be one that would frighten most, mainly because I don't know if it was a dream or not. It felt as if a spiritual entity was messing with me... while I slept. I don't know much about these things but it was pretty scary. It's strange because I didn't think paranormal activity was a good movie, nor have I talked much about it or even thought about until after that night.

Night number two, which would be two days ago, is a little sketchy now. I don't remember all the details, but I certainly did when I woke up. Apparently everyone was being possessed by something and they were turning bloody evil. Basically me and a few others... it ended up me being the last one... had to keep these people in check so they didn't go off going crazy. I remember their faces in great detail. Surprisingly enough I couldn't relate them to anyone that I currently know. I also remembered how their faces would change once they were taken control of, the dark grin and their eyes would turn all black.


The third dream, which would be last nights dream was more strange than scary consisted of two dreams. Mainly because I tossed a little while I slept and you only visually know you're having a dream when you wake up. Technically people can have thousands of dreams while they sleep. The only one you remember is the one before you woke up. Anywho, both of these consisted of water. Dark water.

The first one seemed like we were at a Fishery or Fish hatchery, which is a place where humans put fish to breed. Apparently there was an amazing penny in the first hatchery section... and I just had to have it. The water was clear and I could clearly see nothing else was in there. I was apparently in school at the time, since I had a teacher and bunch of classmates. So I stripped off my clothes and jumped in, no big deal. But then I realized it was super deep. at least 50 feet. But I had to have this penny so I swam and swam deeper and deeper and I finally got the penny. I looked up to find that there was no way I could get back with how long I could hold my breathe. a few strokes back up and I lost my breathe, but then learn that I could breathe underwater! So I enjoyed myself for a few moments then swam back up to my class.

Everyone was astonished at what I had done... but then there was this other deep pool type hatchery thing. Which had two creatures in it one of which was this HUGE ASS FISH and it had teeth, but it was held in place by some kind of brace. The other creature was like the lochness monster, but he was at the bottum and his flipper was stuck OH NO! so I had to dive into the dark deep watch to find him and free him, pretty badass right? Well no. I wasn't diving into pitch black water with that man eating fish and all that. Then somehow we managed to release the water and save nessy after a long argument on how to free her/him (idk)

The second dream also had something to do with water, but a local one that I know of. Apparently in this dream a man bought all the lowlying river plains in our area. He was a scientist who owned a big house by the river. He soon went missing and was presumed dead. or they found his body, hell if I knew. Anyways me and a couple of buddies went down to the river to swim. Well long story short this scientist created a monster half alligator half shark half human or some shit. All my friends were eaten and I was seriously injured. I managed to escape the river, barely, and decided to walk home. When I got to the road I stepped in a small patch of fog, that sent me flying away. I asked a bystander if he saw what had happened and he was like Oh yea! that happens all the time. So I went back to this fog and would jump around in it and it would launch me all over the place. Then I played in the fog until I woke up.

I thought dreams were suppose to have meaning or something, at least that's what some Native American tribes thought.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Today's post is about Lemonade. Enjoy.

Lemonade is quite delicious and orgasmicly refreshing. I enjoy lemonade from time to time, though it's never on my list when I'm thirsty.

Today though I've had quite a supply due to me making a fresh batch of good old pink lemonade... delish

For those of you who don't mind alcohol what, are you gay? mikes hard lemonade is also quite delicious ok the gay comment wasn't very nice. I have nothing against homosexuals. Here are some stunning pictures of the bottles. Oh yessss...

I haven't had one of these in a long time. I should go find someone who would be willing to purchase these for my use.

I recommend every passerby, follower, blogger and any other person who comes across this post to take time out of their day and enjoy a nice glass of lemonade.


Those are rubber ducks... not lemons, but I don't care. Rubber ducks are more interesting to have so many of, am I right?