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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Some men just want to watch the world burn.

I've been thinking about this quote and my life in general lately. No particular reason of course, just because I like to distract myself with irrelevant thoughts.

I did one of those pointless tarot card things a looong time ago, and some where in it, which is the only part I remember, was how I was a good and thoughtful person, striving for the greater good... But if given the chance, as if I gained a high authority or power or something, I would be extremely ruthless, merciless and overall evil...

I'm a fan of the unordinary. I thought Hitler's Germany was a splendid idea, other than for the holocaust of course... I had relatives- Jewish ones- who died during it. But overall, I can see the full picture. I don't have tunnel vision like a good fraction of the world. I'm not blinded by either the lack of or too much exposure.

I'm just going to say really quick that the allied nations in WWI created Hitler. Mainly due to leaving the defeated country in ruins both physically and economically. All of which is nothing more than a seed for disaster. Europe deserved WWII, in my opinion, mainly due to the faulty start of the first world war, and due to blaming Germany for starting it in the first place.

But anyways. Hitler brought his country out of it's depression, gave the German people hope. Which they wouldn't have needed if they allied powers would have done the courteous thing in the first place. He was quite brilliant in taking control and using propaganda and other means to dictate his way to power. Afterwards his regime spread like wildfire, engulfing mostly all of the central body of Europe. He made mistakes, so he lost. That ends that story.

But that tarot card reading stuck with me over the years. Maybe it's just mind over matter, or it's an astonishing coincidence. For those who know me. ( I don't have a lot of self worth IE: totally not a Dbag ) I guess I'm a pretty nice person. Lazy at times, procrastinating usually, but overall pretty nice. But of course if you know me well enough I can be a little crazy, a little out of the norm, but that's always good for humor I always thought.

But anyways, back to that quote, I've come to like how things go wrong in the world. Not anything close to me of course because that's just annoying and a complete waste of my time... but Egypt for example. I saw both sides of the issue, but yet didn't really find one more important than the other. I'm just fascinated in chaos, whether it be social, economic, or any other kind. It interests me is all I'm saying. I wouldn't want to cause it, because that would make me a bad person. But is me finding it fascinating make me a bad person? I don't know and to be honest, I could really give a shit.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Singles Awareness Day!

Since it's yet another commercial holiday, if figured I'd follow suit and be a total tool.

So I got you guys this poem, admit it... it's true

Roses are redish
Violets are blueish 
If it wasn't for Christmas
We'd all be Jewish.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Barack Obama shaking hands with Malcolm X as requested from: onegin

Well, it's not as great as I'd like, but I guess it'll do. Getting modern people and putting them into older pics can be really challenging. It has a lot to do with the exposure of light with the black and white pictures.

I'm still taking requests, so post them in the comments.


I'm just letting everyone know I'm pretty beast at photoshop. I can photoshop just about anything. So if you have any requests I'll be willing to do a few. Just post what you want in the comments and I'll see what I can do.