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Monday, June 6, 2011

Horrible :O

It feels like I've become a zombie. I haven't updated in like a week now because I've been moving non-stop it's quite terrible indeed.

To start this off I'm going to say fuck you to those who they know it's to.

Secondly my workout routine is ruined since my friend who usually does it with me fucked us over since he had some shit to tend to.

Also my weekend was totally ruined when I was invited to play some beer pong with some old buddies and some ancient drama had to show its face and my friends that I were with were asked kindly to leave. It's cool and all to ask someone to leave... just not me, or at least when I'm associated to leave since someone else is. It's a whole bunch of bullshit which I might rant about in the days to come.

I've been out buying stuff and walking around so much that I'm just worn out of it. I probably spend about six hours out of my house, a day, just at public places which aren't fun. Like a store or something.

GUESS WHAT. I no longer have a vehicle I can drive. Yesterday my key randomly got stuck in the on position in my car and there is like NOTHING I can do about it. I tried for like an hour and a half before I had to unplug the on fuse to keep my car from running itself dry.

I ordered the part which costs like $300 since I'm a thousand miles past warranty that stupid piece of shit. It's a goddamn 2010 car it should run better than my 1996 jeep which it doesn't...

Overall I've had less fun than usually. Though on the plus side I went to the river for FOUR hours yesterday with a bunch of friends, aside from the chemical burns on my back from some gasoline... strange but whatever... It was great.

I'm looking forward to updating now this week seems a tad bit more promising if people would get OFF MY ASS, and not in the good way :)