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Sunday, February 13, 2011


I'm just letting everyone know I'm pretty beast at photoshop. I can photoshop just about anything. So if you have any requests I'll be willing to do a few. Just post what you want in the comments and I'll see what I can do.


  1. Find the pic of the most depressing person in the world and make him awesome.

  2. requesting Former Egyptian dictator Mubarak as a Na'vi from Avatar =D

  3. I wanted to create a flash but I am not an expert.
    Battle field, and galdiators.
    round1- Blogger Vs Police - police wins
    round2 - Ghonim Vs Internet shutdown- Ghonim wins
    round 3-Protestors Vs Baltageyas - Protestors win[background- molotov cocktail and army applause]
    round 4 - Egyptians vs Mubarak - [The mummy movie - Rick and Imhotep]
    now u know why i gave up!

  4. I dont have any requests now, but they do constantly come up. Will keep your blog in mind the next time this happens. Thanks!

  5. l request obama shaking hands with malcom x

  6. always great to be awesome at photoshop these days!

  7. can u photoshop one of my pics to make me look better

  8. @The_Illustrative_mind If you can show me that picture, I'd be glad to.
    @The Liquor Guy Nope, no Xray photos here, it's family friendly (kinda)
    @cooperlife That's actually extremely difficult without certain software made specifically for that.
    @meandmythinkingcap I do jpegs, not gifs.
    @Chris Alright just post whenever, I'm sure I'll see it.
    @onegin It will be my next post, here in a few minutes. I think it looks "okay" isn't that great but I'm sure it'll do.
    @iammyself Indeed.
    @Jordan That's impossible haha. (unless you want lighting bolts and rays of light coming out from behind you.

  9. Any xray visions ?