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Monday, March 14, 2011

Libya Update

Gadhafi forces battle rebels on two fronts
TOBRUK, Libya (AP) -- Moammar Gadhafi's forces are attacking Libyan rebels on two fronts today.

Poor Mr. Gadhafi. I'm still sticking with my opinion on how the rebels in Libya are doing it wrong. Gadhafi's a great leader, at least in my mind. I don't see why they want him gone so badly.

At least wait to have a rebellion on yourselves once this guy creates better relations with the world then dies of old age...

Okay lets see... less than a week ago Libya's rebels rejected negotiations with Gaddafi. Come on now... you're just wanting to fight. There isn't a William Wallace on the the rebels side that's actually speaking out enough to get on the news, which isn't surprising since may broadcasting channels are corrupt like EVERYTHING ELSE.

Public Opinion (if you don't know the real political definition look it up) is being swayed against Gadhafi and his rightful place as leader in Libya. Lets keep in mind, rest of the world, that Libya isn't a Democratic Republic or anything of that nature, at least from what I'm aware of.

Let me use an example. If you watch Star Wars, and actually pay attention, you can get a basic concept out of it. The main characters are members of the "Good" REBEL alliance. Which is fighting against the "Evil" Galatic Empire. Sure they aren't pretty to look at but look at what they were doing. Creating a equal opprotunity by making everything one. If we're ever going to get a united Earth we're going to all have to stand under one banner.

What I was getting it is that the more people want to break stuff apart the harder it is, in the end, to fix it.

Lets get real though. Since apparently everyone, but me, is against Gadhafi. I, yes, I can solve your problem. If you reallllly don't want him in command, control, in office or any other station of high authority and he fights back... what do? That's right... Everyone's thinking it. I'm just saying it.

Need a hint? Julius Caesar, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, John Lennon, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr.?

Assassinate the poor guy and move on. So you can have his Generals take over and then I'll be on your side since they'll just end up like that one dude in Egypt. It's such a vicious cycle, but it's whatever. Haters gonna hate.

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OH! did you guys hear about Japan? Yea that sucks. You know what's worse? Stupid Americans saying they deserve it because of Pearl Harbor. Hello! Didn't the US drop two Nuclear bombs on innocent cities? I think that's Karma, not having a earthquake almost a hundred years later... Dumbasses.


  1. man when I see this photo I ROTFL xDD

  2. Gadhafi is the african Kim Jong il. Both are badasses and both are misunderstood.

  3. Lol @ the pic! Perfect captaion for the picture

  4. not for or against do not care about libya. And yes most americans are stupid

  5. For me 'Haters gonna Hate' was just waiting for that

  6. I wish people would stop thinking of karma as retributive justice. Two different things...

  7. japan committed more unjust atrocities than just bomb pearl harbor in ww2 - no hate, i hope they recover

  8. Is it bad a heartily laughed at the pic >_>

  9. LOL @ the pic. Gadhafi looks like a pimp!! :P

  10. I lol'd at that picture, perfect for this blog

  11. put that dress down. the dudes around him are so much more badass looking


  12. great pic! this guy is on the way out...

  13. Great pic. Gaddafi is THE BOSS!