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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Why sheeple why?

I've been stuck playing one of the worst games ever. Black Ops. Don't get me wrong, zombies is pretty amazing, but otherwise the multiplayer is horrible. Has anyone else noticed the PS2 graphics? I have because I've got a nice tv!

I don't know what it is. A large majority of people(sheeple) play it and like 40% thinks it's bad. I guess it's the only good thing to pass the time? I don't know. Tell me in the comments why people play black ops over like Gears of War and MW2.


  1. Interesting how boring a game can be yet people will continue to play it endlessly.

  2. people play black ops because everytime they play they hope its gonna be good but everytime they are disappoint.

    your friend,

  3. the MW series are just garbage in general. imo

  4. After COD4 the series just died :<

  5. The multiplayer graphics really are terrible...the foliage in particular looks like it came from an N64 game. Single player had a good story tho.

    On an unrelated note, Leo looks like a Catholic priest in your banner image, which just makes the whole thing doubly weird.

  6. @AugustineOfRhino Yes the foliage is just horrific, it burns my eyes to look at it plus how is a sniper suppose to camp in it? And yes, good old leo looks like that huh? well haters gonna hate.

  7. It's being played because it's the "new" COD. MW2 is way better imo. Unfortunately, too many hackers abound. -_-

  8. Black Ops had a good campaign mode, which I look for in a game. I hate multiplayer in general though, and if current trends have everyone buying games for multiplayer, then you're right:

    Black Ops players are sheeple. Gears of War is more fun anyways. ;D

  9. I played MW2... then that got boring.

    I can't imagine how boring playing THE SAME GAME is. :|