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Saturday, May 14, 2011

A boring Saturday.. What?!


Today is turning out to be yet another completely boring, shitty day.

Saturdays usually consist of me hanging out with people, having a blast and letting go of the boring/shitty days of the week. If for some reason I don't hang out with anyone I'll usually do stuff at home.

Well not this Saturday! Everyone that I usually associate with is busy. Oh no! That's okay I'll find something to preoccupy my time. Laundry.. Done. Clean!.. Done. Work out?.. Garage is packed with stuff, so all your equipment cannot be reached due to home renovations out of my control. Go outside :D!.. Nope it's cloudy, cold, wet and overall nasty. Sit at your computer and lurk... I like to sit at my computer right when I wake up or late at night, because I hate to waste a day away. Especially one labeled as a "Saturday" Also what is there to do on the internet than communicate with people.

I'm not in the reading mood or in the vidya game mood. What to do?

Also all Saturday parties were moved to next week, due to end of finals and stuff! GOOD GOD DO THEY EXPECT ME TO STUDY?


  1. I always try to find something to do on Saturdays! I hate it when good days go to waste!

  2. Yeah... you should probably study haha

  3. What is this "Study" they speak of?

  4. My day consisted of sleep and work e.e also, what's this studying thing you mentioned? Is that that one sport, with the green ball and rackets?

  5. Next time youre bored you should watch a good movie.

  6. Hey look who gots GIFS to work on the page! Good work man! :D

  7. i did nothing on saturday too , just a chill day

  8. Help out with the renovations. It sucks that gas is too expensive to go joyriding anymore. Such is life.

  9. haha love the gif! more plz!