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Friday, May 13, 2011

Recovery and Deterioration

I see Blogger has fixed most of their issues. That's good I guess. Recovery!

Food for thought. Did you know I'm usually always in a bad mood?

Well now you know. I cannot stand the way I live at all. I've got four dogs that live in my house. They're all small, thank goodness, but they're the most annoying little shits in the universe. Also, finding a job is really getting on my nerves. I feel that when I talk to my peers or other people I sound like a broken record. "I need to get a job" "I'm looking" and all of that. I've actually have gone out of my way, these past two months and went to a ton of places and applied impressed yea?. I've only been to ONE interview and they chose someone else over me.

So about these dogs:

Numba 1: They don't listen.
Numba 2: They bark, constantly and I'm not allowed to put my hand down since my roommates (Grandma's boy reference, it means parents) think I'm an abuser and I'll break their little bones.
Numba 3: They don't listen. Oh yea that's right I said this. Well they bite when I bring friends here. >:( people don't like that. Especially people of the opposite sex.
Numba 4: There are four of them. That's almost all your fingers on one hand!
Numba 5: They're treated better than me, as in they get treats every goddamn day, what the hell? I've been a good boy* ;) why don't I get a treat every now and then?
Numba 6: They're smelly. I'm not responsible for their existence, I dislike them, I'm not gonna wash them and shit.
Numba 7: Their grooming costs more money than I spend on myself for grooming. 40 big ones for 1 dog. and yes there's four of them. Holy bitchtits batman, it doesn't cost that much for toothpaste shampoo and razors to shave my ass. I go around with long-ish hair since I, for some reason, cant afford to get my hair cut every three months or so, yet the dogs get theirs done every two months. Sharp.
Numba 8: They TEAR SHIT UP. Out of my control 100%. I go to what we call "college" this is "school" but for people who are out of the public/private school systems consisting of 12 years. Anywho. These dogs, when OTHER PEOPLE let them roam around my place of residence, find items consisting of shoes, pencils, pens but not excluding remote controls, books, and other things they SOMEHOW get ahold of.

Numba 9: When they were little they would shit in the house. I swear I'd take them out every 15 minutes and they'd manage to hold in their shit long enough outside to shit inside.

All of these "numbas" along with around 1,203 others really takes a mental toll off on me. I can usually shrug stuff off, but recently it's pissed me off beyond comprehension. It's not anything serious. Well serious enough for me to rant about it but I'm certainly not going to cut myself. Or am I?

OH I almost forgot not really I just wrote that just because. I don't know why.

For those trollingdouchebagfaggotrednecks it's called a leash, a fence or a rope. If you let your animals roam around on the street, I will hit them in my vehicle going way above the recommended speed limit. I will not avoid them, I've got better things to do than pay attention while driving.

*Lies *All Pictures were unrelated


  1. Nice tags. I'm pissed at the job market as well.

  2. Wow... That last part about the leash... O.o

  3. McDonalds thing... made me laugh out loud haha.

  4. @Sewingincircles I might be in a bad mood most of the time but I'm a kind person. It has taken me years to grow hatred for these idiots who think they can let their animals roam around, yet get pissed if you yell that the animal or better yet crush them with a 2 ton truck, but I shouldn't have to explain myself. Haters gonna hate.

  5. Sounds like you got a lot of animals. I like dogs, but damn.

  6. Some lady brought her dog into my work today and it pissed me off so much. I love dogs normally but this thing was the biggest pain in the ass.. ever

  7. Sorry about your struggles over the job and the dogs.