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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Justice System

After watching Law abiding citizen, again, it reminds me on how the US justice system sucks. There are too many loopholes.

People who commit some of the most heinous crimes can be let off, or simply get the minimum sentencing. Where as people who do minor, if not things that shouldn't be illegal get horrid sentencing.

most "crimes and violations" are complete nonsense. Such as speeding, statutory rape and drug possession... in some cases. These could be considered interesting arguments.

Speeding... It's pretty much public knowledge that slow ass people cause more vehicle accidents than those who speed. Though it's also fact that those who have accidents at a high rate of speed tend to die from their accidents.

Statutory rape... Yes it can be a somewhat touchy subject but what I'm implying in this situation is someone who is 18 but has a relationship with somewhat 16 or 17. Some states allow three years before anything is considered "rape" but if the adult of the younger party wants to file rape charges they can, and they usually win.

Drug possession... I'm referring to marijuana of course, since I believe 100% that there is nothing wrong with marijuana.

And all these age restirictions! Don't get me started. 21 has to be the most faggiest number to use in order to drink alcohol.


  1. the ones who have the most money win

  2. @ed Yes that's unfortunately true.

  3. i've never even seen law abiding citizen :x

  4. Interesting views. BTW...I made you blog of the day.

  5. I like your views. Following.

  6. @Colin I recommend it. It's pretty awesome.

    @Copyboy I really appreciate it, thanks!

    @Yawgy My view are pretty awesome right? Thanks for following.

  7. Never seen Law abiding citizen, but there's need to be a real "change" here in America

  8. I agree with ed. You have enough influence, the rest doesn't even matter. Money and names is the game.

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  10. @thenitefalls Indeed there does.

    @Xenototh It's all about influence.

    @Zombie Thanks a bunch!! now I can post Gif images :P

    @El-Dikenz Yup, it's all about influence (MONEY) like X and Ed said.

  11. can't say that i disagree with you!

  12. Your views are veryy similar to my own!

  13. I'm scared to comment on your blog because that would make me another "hater."
    And the only thing I hate is hating. (and Glenn Beck...)

    So please understand that while I'll become the 16th 'hater,' in reality, I love you.